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Rocnvol Paragliding verdon

Flying activities - Paragliding courses

Become a paragliding pilot !

Flying sites in the Verdon:
-Moustiers sainte marie : take-off Courchon,
-Aiguines : take-off Vernis, le Puy
And in the area :  Banon, Rustrel, Digne les bains…

The air conditions are exceptional and long flights are possible, even at the beginners level.(often over ½ hour)

Roc n’ Vol promises :

That you become an independent and responsible paragliding pilot,
Roc n’ Vol is a member of the French Flying Schools (EFVL) licensed by the French Paragliding Federation (FFVL)

The resources of Roc n’ Vol :

Learning based on individual training and adapted to the technical demands of various sites of the sport.

Class room equiped with a steering simulator and video support.

Paragliding wings, speed flying equipment, harnesses and flight accesories by the most reputated brands :
-ozone , advance , sup’air , nervures , little cloud , flytec , icom ...

Mix of human resources and equipment with other structures in the neighbourhood to guarantee a variated, rich and efficient training : « Jok’Air  » in Banon, « ya de l’ouest  » in Digne les bains

The method Roc n’ Vol:

Training to a direct access to flying, from the first day and at every stage of the learning process, by pedagogic tandem flights with two commands.

Learning to handle and steer the wing on the ground. In a playful way you learn to handle the paraglider and speed flying wings.

All the practical lessons about steering in the air and on the ground are prepared in the class room, 1 or 2 hours. :

  • Evaluation of the weather and flight conditions of the day and definition of the goals of the learning process.
  • Learning of the steering capability and theoretical basics and the specific vocabulary.
  • Use of the steering simulator (to learn the precision and the effects of the gesture), and the video gallery…

    Content of the course« Paragliding pilot » 

    Discovery day

    Time : 1 complete day that can be divided in two seperate half days.
    Content : 1 technical course to prepare to the basics of steering in the air and on the ground, 1 tandem flight of 1 hour with double commands, 1 session of handling the glider on the ground.

    Price : 240€.

    This day can be deducted from the « initial pilot licence » course if you decide to continue the training to become an independent pilot.

    Initial course : initial pilot licence 

    Time : can be done in 15 days of training if the weather conditions are good; count approximately 2 months on a 1 or 2 days a week basis to fulfil this training because it depends on the weather and your availability

    Content :

    • All together minimum 3 h of tandem flying with double commands,
    • 6h of handling and steering of the glider on the ground, divided over 3 sessions of 2 hours.
    • 6h of theoretical courses divided over 2 or 3 sessions.
    • 5 solo flights with radio guidance of the instructors on the take-off and the landing spot.

    Price : 1200€.

    At the end of each day we will give you an update on your course ; you can interrupt your progression when you want to, and only the days that you took the lessons, will be charged.
    The validation of the initial pilot licence is done over 5 extra solo flights, you will be trained and evaluated on the independancy on a site well known and in calm air conditions.

    • Price for these 5 flights to obtain the initial pilot licence:

    Price : 200€.

    • Training with a possible purchase of equipment :

    Training course of the initial pilot licence+full package of equipment that you used during the learning process (wing, harness, emergency parachute, helmet, radio):

    Price : 3400€, +/- 10% according availability.

    Note : the equipment that we sell is checked by Eric Michel in the airport of Gap-Tallard.

    Development course : Level Pilot licence 

    Realize your dreams and fly in the air above the Verdon Canyon, the Sainte Croix lake, the Venascle and Valensole highlands, the Montdenier mountain or the great Margès, the villages of Moustiers Sainte Marie and Aiguines.

    Time :

    5 days that can be divided in half days according to your availability and the weather conditions ; however it is better to come 2 days in a row (during weekends or the week), for an efficient result.

    Content :

    5 solo flights "performance"+ 1 pedagogic tandem flight.

    Course adapted to your progression goals.

    • Preparation of the flights inside : analysis of the weather and air conditions ; Briefing on the chosen steering goals (thermaling, transition, first distance flights...).
    • Pedagogic tandem flight : steering exercises, thermal and distance flying.

    Price : 590€.

  • Price for 2 flights with guidance, evaluation and ratification of the pilot licence (practical and theoretical) :

    Price : 200€.

  • Training with a possible purchase of equipment (full package : wing, harness, emergency parachute, helmet, radio) :

    2950€, +/-10% according availability.


    Evolution course : Level confirmed pilot 

    Enlarge your limit and become a distance flying pilot (CFD) in the sky of the Provence or elsewhere

    an acrobate pilot or a speed flying pilot.

    Several courses are available depending on your wishes and goals :

    • Distance flying courses provence…
    •  Travelling : Spain (Aragon-catalogne), the island Réunion-Madagascar,
    • course steering of pendular movements (sites of Moustiers and Banon)
    • advanced pilot course (sites of Annecy and Roquebrune cap Martin)
    • speed flying courses (sites of Banon and Verdon)
    • Mountain flying courses : Middle and high Verdon, Mercantour,  Triêves, Pyrénées… and holidays :Nepal,, Atlas

    On your demand, a training plan and a personalised offer can be made ; price is going down for groups (maximum 4 pilots).

    Payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer.






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