About Us


Our resource is the complementarity of our activities in order to adapt to your desires and... to the weather!

Unusual and individualized discoveries of the riches of the Verdon: from its intriguing cliffs to the hidden accesses of its gorges (Climbing, Adventure Course), to its plateaus, summits, garrigues, rivers and forests (Hiking), up to its panoramic borders (Paragliding, Tandem flights): as many sporting and contemplative immersions!

French Free Flight School 2022

Regional Natural Park Values

Tourism Quality

Paragliding course

Individualized training, all levels: from initiation to first transitions, distance flights, cross country. Only during the summer season.

Paragliding Tandem flight

Accompanied by your pilot, fly over the villages of Moustiers Sainte Marie or Aiguines: discover the spectacular meeting of the Verdon gorges with the lake of Sainte Croix.

Tandem mountain flight

 A singular adventure linking a 1 hike to access a summit from which to fly and glide at the mercy of the winds. 


Gorges du Verdon, discovery of legendary routes, new big routes, sporty and/or "trad" climbs: refine your choice with an experienced and passionate instructor.


Accompanied hikes on the Verdon trails: along the water or along the ridges, come and discover the canyon and its many facets.

Via corda

Fun adventure course in the vertical universe of the Verdon gorges. A sporting exploration with physical and mental commitment.

Your questions answered:

Where to find us?

We do not have a reception point nor a "store", you will see us during your appointments on our sites. Our contact is only by phone or email.

When can we operate?

All year round! We adapt to the weather conditions. Paragliding can be practiced any time... No need to wait for "good weather", we can fly very well in December or March and not well in July and August. For the other activities, they can be practiced all the time, spring, autumn and winter are ideal to practice climbing or hiking.

How to book ?

Our website does not allow online payment, at least for the moment, except for gift certificates. You can book an activity by phone, email or through our website.

Who can benefit from our activities?

On the whole we are looking for a sporty and dynamic public. For each activity and in particular tandem paragliding, the answers to your questions can be found on the tandem flights page. 


What our customers say about us


At the bend of our hike... paragliders were flying at the top... of Moustiers. Possibility of making a flight (chance that does not exist) Wonderful, unforgettable, with this silence (except the wind) and the splendid sight.
In total confidence with Philippe, calm and reassuring.
I advise this serious team.

- MJNet07


Great experience, very pleasant welcome
Great landscapes and sensations.
Be aware that it gets colder and colder as you gain altitude, a good windbreaker is recommended.

- Benoit T