From initiation to improvement in school cliffs to long routes of several lengths: discover the most beautiful routes of the Verdon... and elsewhere (Provence, Calanques, Alpes Maritimes).

150-180€ / Person

Initiation of the big way

Discovery of the basic techniques of the progression in big routes. Examples of routes: L'herbetto (180m), l'arête de la patte de chèvre (150m)...

Duration : 1/2 day to one day depending on the itinerary

Season : All year round

Level required: 1 or 2 rock climbing experiences with a minimum of 5a/b (second).


150-210€/ Person

Improvement of the big way

Acquisition of a little more autonomy to launch into more difficult routes. Examples of routes: the gift of the eagle/Lunathine (150m), the roller coaster (200m)...

Duration : 1/2 day or full day (depending on the itinerary)

Season : All year round

Required level : Level 5c/6a

Means of payment


cash, cheques, ANCV cheques

no credit card


From 12 years old


All year round

Required level

Minimum 5a