Tandem paragliding flight experience PARK VALUE DISCOVERY OR EVASION

Call us at

+33 06 89 30 75 74

Price per person

90€ Discovery (except July/August)

140€ Escape (all year)


During your pedestrian approach to the takeoff, discover the grandiose and preserved vestiges of a medieval road with a daring architecture.... In its surroundings grows a typical vegetation of scrubland composed of shrubs (boxwood, juniper, saskatoon...) and hardy and fragrant herbaceous plants (thyme, savory, lavender...).

The view from the take-off is clear and will offer you a contemplative and relaxing panorama. When you take off, become a visitor of the sky: by the magic of the ascending flight, feel as free as the bird and discover the landscape contours of Moustiers: its valley, its cliffs, its canyons and its plateau where the traces of past civilizations are nestled...

Flight Escape: your aerial walk will allow you to leave the valley of Moustiers and extend to the exit of the gorges of Verdon and lake of Sainte Croix. You will fly over the cliffs from which the Vultures soar and you may enjoy a few seconds of flight in their company! On your return from this walk, your landing will be either on the take-off area of Courchon (and in this case your return to the village will also be done by hiking the medieval path of Courchon), or in the valley near the village of Courchon.

Total duration of the activity, including the outward and return hikes:
about 2 hours for the Discovery flight, about 2h30 for the Evasion flight.

Means of payment


To be paid the day of the flight

cash, cheques, ANCV cheques

no credit card

Authorized weight


Minimum 40kg.

Maximum 85kg.

Your BMI must be 27 maximum (weight/height²).


20 à 25 min (90€)

40-45 min (140€)

Maximum age

65 years old

(if more, contact us)


20-30 min flight from September to June

(except July and August)

45-60min flight all year round

Required level

At least sporty

for hiking

Photos and Videos

 On SD card after your flight

Rate 30€ to be paid on site to your pilot (cash or check)

Answers to your questions about Marque Parc flights

Where is my meeting point?

Your appointment will be on the small private parking lot of the restaurant " Les Magnans " in Moustiers sainte Marie. This parking is the physical place of the passengers, you are not authorized to park with your vehicle the time of the activity, parking lots on Moustiers are offered to you, paying and not paying.

How do I get to the takeoff?

You will go up to the take-off by the Roman way, on foot, in 30/40 minutes, you will meet the monitors at the take-off. In principle, an instructor will accompany you and put you on the right path, the rest is simple.

What do the accompanying persons do during my flight?

As far as possible, the accompanying persons wait in Moustiers or walk up with you and walk back down with you after your flight since you will be resting at the takeoff.

Where is the landing?

On the flights to Moustiers, we go up with 2/3 passengers per instructor. Only the last passengers of the day will land in the Moustiers valley. We do not land at the beach if we fly on this site

How long does my activity last in total?

Count between 2h and 3h of activity depending on whether you fly in the first or after. EXCEPT that we can expect a longer or shorter period of favorable conditions at takeoff, which can therefore lengthen the overall duration of the activity. A parameter that we cannot predict. We try as much as possible to warn people by sms in case of delay on the following flights.