Mountain flight in tandem paraglider

The meeting of our skills and the alliance of our knowledge: 

Hike in the mountains and then, from the summit, take off in a two-seater paraglider to discover the Verdon in a different way. 

Hike adapted to your physical capacities and to the weather/air conditions of the day: count between 2 and 3 hours of walking, followed by a rest and a contemplative picnic. Flight plan determined according to the quality of the ascents and your desires: flight duration varies between 10 min and 40 min

Price : 250€ for the first time

Season : from mid September to mid June 

level required : Sportsman


Means of payment


cash, cheques, ANCV cheques

no credit card

Authorized weight

40kg to 85kg 

Running time

between 2 and 3 hours

Flight time

between 10 min and 40 min