Paragliding course


From initiation to improvement, up to the first flights of duration and distance: an individualized and optimized training by the practice of the tandem pilot "double command".

Accessible from the "discovery day".

A certified school

Roc n' Vol adheres to the network of the French schools of free flight (EFVL) approved by the French federation of free flight (FFVL).

The Roc n' Vol commitment

To enable you to become autonomous and responsible in the practice of free flight and paragliding.

The means of Roc n' Vol

Pedagogy based on individualized training and adapted to the technical requirements of the various practice sites.

Course with video and driving simulator

Paragliding wings, mini wings, harnesses and recent flight accessories selected from the most famous brands:
-ozone , advance , sup'air , nervures , little cloud , flytec , icom ...

Pooling of human and material resources from the network of local schools to guarantee a varied, rich and efficient training: "Jok'Air" in Banon, "Digne parapente" in Digne les bains

The Roc n' Vol method

Individualized Progression in Tandem (PIB): access to flight from the beginning of the training by practicing piloting with dual controls.
School slope: learning to pilot and handle the wing on the ground, in a fun and efficient way, by alternating the use of mini gliders and paragliders.

All the practical sessions of flight and ground flying are prepared in 1 or 2 hours in the classroom:
- Analysis: evaluation of the weather and aerological conditions of the day and definition of the objectives of progression.
- Mental and environment: presentation of the theme of piloting, acquisition of the fundamental theoretical knowledge and the associated vocabulary, preparation of the flight plan or school slope session.
- Technique: use of the piloting simulator (training of the precision and the efficiency of the gesture), of the video library...

Discovery Day

First steps of piloting on the ground: practice on a school slope for a duration of 2 to 3 hours. Theoretical course associated with the flight plan. Flight in a two-seater paraglider with dual controls for 45 minutes to 1 hour. This discovery day can be deducted from the initiation course.

Rate 250€.

Paragliding initiation course : from discovery to first flight...

Price: 450€ + cost of the FFVL "first-time licensee" license

From January 1 to April 30 and from October 15 to December 31

Duration: 3 days


2 tandem flights, including at least 1 long flight,
2 training sessions with video monitoring

Adapted theoretical courses :

Flight sequences (awareness of the analysis of weather and aerological conditions, management of a flight plan...), slope school sessions (presentation of the various inflation techniques: advantages and disadvantages, briefing and video debriefing...) solo flight with radio accompaniment with 1 instructor on the take-off area and 1 instructor on the landing.

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Progression course: from the first flights to the initial pilot's license level

From January 1 to April 30 and from October 15 to December 31

Duration: Continuous or split training depending on your availability and weather conditions.

Adapted to the objective "autonomy in calm conditions" on the sites of Moustiers Sainte Marie, Aiguines, Digne les Bains and Banon;
Following your 1st day of training, a training plan will be proposed to you according to the evaluation of your skills and the technical requirements of our various practice sites.

A la carte" rates:

- Slope school session of 1h30 (learning and mastering various inflation techniques + piloting the wing on the ground in various aerological conditions) : 50€.

- Theoretical courses of 3 hours adapted to the rhythm of progression: themes of analysis (meteorology and aerology), technique (piloting), mental and practical framework: 50€.

- Pedagogical biplanes (dual control piloting) + theoretical course associated with the chosen theme:

* Double command flight : 60€.

* Double command flight 20-30 min : 80€.

* Long flight to master the piloting in dynamic ascents: 130€.

- Solo flights with prior preparation in the classroom, presence of an instructor at take-off and an instructor at landing with radio accompaniment: from 60€ to 80€.

- Performance" flight (access to the first duration flights) presence of 1 instructor at take-off and/or in flight with radio accompaniment, autonomous trainee at landing: from 60€ to 90

At the end of each day of training, you will be given an exact breakdown of your training course; you can therefore interrupt your progress whenever you wish, only the completed and validated training days will be invoiced.

The validation of the initial pilot's license is done at the end of an evaluation of your theoretical knowledge (in the form of MCQ) and the appreciation of your technical skills (piloting in flight as on the ground).


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Advanced course: from the initial pilot's license level to the pilot's license level...

Price: 450€.

From January 1 to April 30 and from October 15 to December 31

Individualized and adapted to the objective " autonomy on any site in varied conditions "
Fly your dreams of flight and paragliding in the sky which dominates the gorges of the Verdon, the lake of sainte Croix, the plateaus of Vénascle and Valensole, the Serre of Montdenier or the big Margès, the villages of Moustier Sainte Marie and Aiguines.


Variable according to your availability and your objectives of progression.
however privilege a progression of at least 2 consecutive days (weekend or week) for an optimal effectiveness during favorable weather conditions.


Package of 5 solo flights "performance".
The "performance" flights offered will be adapted to your objectives of progress:

Preparation of the flights in the classroom: analysis of the meteorological and aerological conditions, "briefing" on the piloting techniques (piloting of pendular movements, piloting in thermal conditions, transition strategies, first distance flights...), presentation of the potential of the various practice sites, mental preparation...

In addition:

Educational tandem flight "evasion" long duration with prior briefing in the classroom: Rate: 160€
Package rate for 2 flights to accompany on site, evaluation and validation of the pilot's license (practice and theory): Rate: 100€.


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Evolution course: from pilot's license to advanced pilot's license

Expand your flying range and become a cross country or distance pilot (CFD) in the skies of Provence and elsewhere.
Aerobatic pilot or mini glider pilot.

Different courses are possible according to your expectations and your objectives:

Cross-country training courses in Provence...
Trips : Spain (Aragon-Catalonia), Reunion Island-Madagascar,
Training course in piloting pendular movements (sites of Moustiers and Banon)
Training course in advanced piloting (sites of Annecy and Roquebrune cap Martin)
Training course in mini-sailing (sites of Banon and Verdon)
Training course in mountain flying : Middle and High Verdon, Mercantour, Triêves, Pyrenees... and trips : Nepal , Atlas


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At your request, we will send you a training plan and content as well as an individualized estimate; a discounted rate for groups (maximum 4 pilots).
Payment by check, cash or bank transfer.